Handy Forum Topics

The intention is to compile a list of QuickLinks to 'handy' Forum Topics, primarily for those who are new to the Freeman Principles.

This first link is one to the "Submissions Topic" itself. Post any submission (for consideration as to inclusion in this list) therein. Once included, the Topic Link will appear below.


"Handy Topic" QuickLinks

The Submissions Topic itself.

General information

Living in the real world of Common Sense/Common Law

For Newbies, as much as anybody ...

Explains what to do in Court, when confronted by Policymen (to some extent), and how to deal with Debt Collectors, etc. Gets diverted into tangents (as ever), but gets back on track to some extent. End in a collision with "The Trust Brigade" (unfortunately).

Crown Dependency v Secession

Discusses how to declare independence.

R4C - Refusal for Cause

Discusses how to say "No", lawfully

Without Prejudice

Usage of "Without Prejudice"

Bailiffs & Debt Collection Agencies

Handling the unlawfulness of Bailiffs & Debt Collection Agencies